Answering Your Questions


How Much Does Your Office Charge for a Consultation?

We offer free consultations on both personal injury and criminal defense-related concerns.

How Much Do You Charge Per Case?

Our charges vary depending on a number of factors, such as whether this is a first offense, how severe the charges are, and a multitude of other factors, we recommend you reach out to our office staff directly to learn more.

What Are Your Office Hours?

Our office is open Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm.

Can I Meet With Attorney Ogata Beyond These Hours?

Typically, we try to schedule a meeting with Mr. Ogata during stand business hours, but in the event you are unable to speak during our stand operating hours, we can set up a call beyond the hours listed above.

What Types of Cases Does Your Office Handle?

Our office handles both criminal defense matters as well as personal injury cases. 


What’s the difference between hiring a public defender and a private attorney?

With a public defender, they’re typically serving dozens if not a docket of over a hundred clients at a time. Their ability to focus solely on your case is limited, unlike when you hire a private attorney who has a dedicated staff focused on maximizing your odds at a positive outcome.

What happens at the first appearance? Do I need to appear?

Typically, during the first appearance this is considered arraignment where the defendant is brought before the judge to inform them of their charges. This is also the time in which if someone needs a public defender, the court assigns one to your case.

I’ve been arrested and given a court date, what are my next steps?

There are a couple of options here. Once you’ve been arraigned and given a court date, your best course of action is to retain an attorney as soon as possible. During the interim before your court date, the prosecutor is building their case against you so the more time you give your defense attorney to fight back the better.

I’ve been charged with a DUI, can I still drive?

In most cases, when you’ve been accused of a DUI, prior to your court date you will be able to drive up until your court date. If you’re found guilty of a DUI, there is a possibility of losing your driving privileges or having them suspended/reduced. 

Sealing of Records

When can I seal my records?

If you were convicted of a felony and 15 years or more have passed since the conviction OR if your case was acquitted or dismissed, you can file to have your criminal record sealed. Misdemeanors can also be sealed, some after one year and others after two years.

What charges cannot be sealed?

Felony DUIs, Felony BUIs, home invasions, sex crimes, crimes against children, and a handful of other crimes cannot be sealed in Nevada.

My charges were given in a different state, can I still get them sealed in NV?

This depends, we recommend you contact our office to discuss the specifics of your case.

How long is the process to seal my records?

This depends, we recommend you contact our office to discuss the specifics of your case.

Personal Injury

Someone rear-ended me, can you help?

We can potentially represent you. We’d need to get more specifics on the accident, your injuries, and the other party before making any recommendations.

How soon after an accident should I go to the doctor?

Immediately if possible. Often, even a stiff neck or sore lower back can be an indicator of a more serious concern. We’ve also seen that many victims experience discomfort or complications days or weeks after an accident.

How long does a Personal Injury Lawsuit take?

This will vary from case to case. For a car accident, if the other party’s insurance is accepting fault, resolving your case may only take a couple of months, yet if they’re denying responsibility or coverage, it could take quite a bit longer.

How much is my case worth? 

This depends on the specifics of your case. We recommend scheduling a 1-on-1 consultation with our attorney at your earliest convenience.  

Your Best Option Forward

In legal matters, timing is everything. When it comes to your defense don't wait until later. To get started now, contact our firm through one of the methods below and request a free consultation. 

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