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Arrest Warrants in Las VegasDomestic Violence Arrest

Arrest warrants in Nevada give law enforcement the authority to detain someone when there is probable cause that he or she committed a crime.

If you believe there is an arrest warrant out for you in Nevada, contact Attorney Garrett T. Ogata today. He will investigate the matter and do everything possible to clear the arrest warrant and help you avoid jail.

Is There A Warrant For Your Arrest?

If there is a warrant out for your arrest this allows law enforcement to take you into custody (jail) to hold you in custody for your arraignment.  At the arraignment if you plead Not Guilty and you may be able to post bail to get out of jail.  But if you have not yet been arrested on the arrest warrant, an attorney can help you in several ways when it comes to an arrest warrant.


Contact the Law office Of Garret T. Ogata Today and we can assist you in handling your Arrest Warrant immediately.

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