Casino Markers (Gambling Debts)

Lines of Credit to Make Gambling Convenient

Known as “casino markers,” casinos in Nevada regularly provide lines of credit to patrons in an effort to encourage them to continue gambling. Casino markers are zero interest loans that the casino treats similarly to checks, expecting the patrons to redeem them within 30 days or less. Casinos provide casino markers as a form of payment to encourage gambling and make it more convenient. Without them, a patrons would need to pay ATM fees or put themselves in a vulnerable position by carrying around very large sums of cash on their person at all times. To take out casino markers from a casino, since it is a form of credit, it is necessary to submit a credit line application. Should the patron not pay back the casino markers as the set deadline approaches, they will be notified that they have outstanding casino debts. If, at this point the patron does not pay off the casino markers, the State may formally issue a warrant for one’s arrest and press charges.  

Penalties of Defaulting on Casino Markers

The penalties that may arise for a conviction of defaulting on casino markers vary depending on how the crime is charged. Each casino marker is charged separately rather than as a part of its aggregate sum. For example, if a patron has a PAIR of $500 casino markers that he or she has defaulted, both would be charged separately as two counts of misdemeanors since both casino markers were each under $650. Being convicted for misdemeanor of defaulting on casino markers includes fines of up to $1,000 and/or a maximum of six months in prison. However, if a marker is $650 or greater, a patron may be charged for a category D felony charge. With this increase in severity comes harsher penalties: a mandatory stay in a Nevada state prison for one to four years, mandatory administrative fee (5 percent for each marker under $10,000 and 10 percent for casino markers that are greater than $10,000), the mandatory restitution of the full amount of the outstanding debt as well as an optional $5,000 fine. Contact experienced Las Vegas defense attorney Garrett T. Ogata if you find yourself facing a charge for defaulting on casino markers at 702-825-7856.

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