Personal Injury Negotiations & Settlement Offers

You Need a Skilled Personal Injury Attorney

Once we submitted your Demand and after the Claims Adjuster has reviewed it, the negotiations on your damages begin. It is possible, though not likely, that the demand letter will be accepted the first time without any issues raised by the claims adjuster. Other times the claims adjuster may require more information or clarity on specific issues. It is also not uncommon that the claims adjuster will counter with a lower offer, which may then lead to further negotiations. It is even possible that your demand will be flat out denied, even after negotiations There are many valid reasons your claim may be denied, it could be that your demand was too high and you will not settle for anything less or that the adjuster is just not authorized to settle for anything beyond a certain amount. In that case, your next step would be to litigate this matter by filing a complaint and going to court. To make the demand go smoothly and efficiently, a skillful attorney should have prepared a Demand letter that clearly laid out your damages to the claims adjuster. This will help with the negotiations and settlement. If the claims adjuster can clearly see your damages along with proof, then they can evaluate your claim and see you are seeking just compensation.

An Experienced Attorney is a Better Option for Negotiations

The negotiation and settlement stages are where an experienced attorney can pay off in helping you seek adequate compensation. It is also important to remember, you are the one who will decide whether to settle or not to settle. Your attorney will fight for you and deal with the claims adjuster, while communicating the settlements once received. Contact The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata at 702-825-7856 to discuss your personal injury claim.

Your Best Option Forward

In legal matters, timing is everything. When it comes to your defense don't wait until later. To get started now, contact our firm through one of the methods below and request a free consultation. 

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