Why You Should Know Your Rights

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

If you are driving down the streets of Las Vegas and are arrested for a DUI, then you are probably going to be read your Miranda rights. These are the rights that have been read to every person arrested since Miranda vs. Arizona. Well, that is what the police are supposed to do, but, sometimes, the officers make a mistake. Sometimes they forget, and if they do not read you your rights or do it properly, then you have the perfect defense. It is a defense that wins often, and one that the best DUI lawyers in Las Vegas ask their clients about, every time. If you get a drunk driving arrest, pay attention to whether you were read your rights, and know them beforehand, as well.

You should pretend, after being arrested for a DUI, that your Las Vegas DUI lawyer is standing beside you at that moment. What would that Las Vegas DUI attorney tell you to say? More importantly, perhaps, what would they tell you not to say? You are not required to say anything: hence the right to remain silent. If you do not use this right, and you say anything, it may, and often will, be used against you in a court of law. For this reason, stay quiet until you can make that all-important phone call to your DUI attorney in Las Vegas.

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