Top Crimes Committed by Tourists in Las Vegas

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

You've heard the old saying: "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas." But let's face the truth here; not everything can stay buried beneath the glitz and glam. By the end of this article, you'll feel prepared for your next Vegas adventure. Buckle up because we're about to take you on a roller coaster ride through five common reasons why your Vegas vacation might detract into handcuffs territory if you aren't proceeding with caution.

#1. Marijuana Madness - Toke Responsibly! 

Alright, we get it - you're excited that you can now legally buy Mary Jane in the city of Sin. But here's the thing, kind of a buzzkill: don't get too carried away. While buying is an effortless breeze, if you're caught possessing more than one ounce, it's considered a felony! No, we're not trying to cramp your style – we're just warning you that Las Vegas airport security and state lines are not weed's best friends. And what about sparking up in public? Don't think about it; that's a fast track to a misdemeanor and a not-so-cool $600 fine. Remember, discretion and enjoying your toke in private settings is the key to avoiding a one-way ticket to the holding cell.

#2. Naughty, Naughty: Prostitution Pitfalls 

Hey there, Romeo! You might think you're smooth, but let's get real for a sec – prostitution is a big no-no county-wide. And you know what else? Trying to play Rico Suave by soliciting can land you in hot water, even if the money never leaves your wallet. Solicitation is a significant offense and could lead to a bunch of not-so-fun things. So, keep those pick-up lines in check unless you want to star in a legal drama you didn't sign up for. Seriously, you don't want to be that guy.

#3. Disorderly Dance - Keep the Peace!

Ah, we love those Vegas pool parties, bars, and nightclubs - it's where the magic happens. We get it. But remember, magic isn't an excuse for madness. Disorderly conduct charges remind us of unwanted and uninvited party crashers, and they love showing up in situations involving public drunkenness and fights while being louder than the Vegas Strip. Please, for all of us, party responsibly. It's more charming and fun. And if you're planning to dance like nobody's watching, make sure you're not dancing on the wrong side of the law.

#4. Raging a Bit Too Hard: Lewdness Alert!

Pool parties are lovely, but sometimes they are where our inhibitions could vanish faster than a Vegas hangover. But before you let loose and let it out, know this: open and gross unwanted lewdness can quickly turn your poolside paradise into a pool of murky waters. News flash, your favorite Vegas pool party is not the place for an impromptu strip show or any other X-rated show. Remember, what could be alluring for what is wild and crazy in Vegas might be a one-way ticket to a lifelong sex offender registry. Keep your fun, flirty, playful, and not felonious.

#5. Casino Gamble: Marker Mayhem

You might feel like a high-stakes roller, but don't let that feeling fool you. Casino markers are not a blank check for free playtime. Are you thinking about ignoring these markers? Please don't do it; it can lead to a mess of trouble once you're back home. Felony charges, arrest warrants, and the possibility of becoming an international fugitive are all possible consequences. That sounds like an awful second act. Bottom line: don't treat markers like Monopoly money; they're a severe deal.

The Call for Backup - Garret T. Ogata  

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So, there you go, Vegas-loving partygoers—a crash course on sidestepping the less-than-favorable side of Sin City. Remember to enjoy the party while treading wisely, safely, and responsibly. Contact Garret T. Ogata today for a free consultation: (702) 707-7085.

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