Our Guide to Nevada's Concealed Carry Laws

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

What You Should Know to Remain Legal as a Firearm Owner

Open carry and concealed carry have unique advantages and disadvantages, yet neither is inherently superior to the other. While open carry is legal in Nevada without a permit, gun owners must abide by state laws for concealed carry laws that require gun owners to obtain a CCW (Concealed carry weapon) permit.

Staying within the law is essential for a firearms owner. At the Law Offices of Garret T. Ogata, we can help you fight charges involving illegally possessing firearms. Our legal team has successfully challenged gun cases, obtaining dismissals and reductions. Contact our office at (702) 602-6408 for FREE legal advice.

How to Obtain a Conceal Carry Permit in Nevada

Open carry is legal throughout Nevada, but concealed carry requires a permit. Here is how you can obtain one. It’s legal for Nevada residents with a Nevada Firearm permit and non-residents with a license or permit from a state of Nevada honors. You must be 21 or 18 if you are in the military and complete an approved course in firearm safety. Additionally, you must demonstrate competence with a handgun. Other requirements include:

• Applicants are not prohibited from possessing a firearm under Nevada or federal law

• Completion of a pre-approved firearm safety course

• Apply for a CCW permit through a sheriff’s office

Once someone applies for a CCW permit, the approval process may take up to six months. Permits remain valid for five years.

Background Checks and Ownership by Minors

All gun owners must pass a background check. In some circumstances, owners with a current, valid CCW permit may not need an additional background check. Most minors under age 18 cannot carry guns in Nevada, but the state allows some exceptions for applications such as hunting. Overall, restrictions are strict with regard to minors handling firearms.

Can Nevada Deny Me a CCW Permit?

Nevada law enforcement agencies will deny a CCW permit if you have been admitted to a mental health facility within the last five years or if there is an outstanding warrant against you. Note that carrying a concealed firearm without a valid permit is a category C felony with penalties of one to five years in prison and fines of up to $10,000.

Other reasons for denial include:

• Convicted of felonies, stalking or domestic violence

• Fugitives

• Individuals addicted to controlled substances

• Individuals diagnosed as mentally ill

• Adverse parties in a domestic violence protection order

• Illegal aliens

Where are Guns Illegal in Nevada?

Whether you are carrying in the open or concealed, guns are prohibited in various situations in Nevada, even though the Second Amendment gives you the right to bear arms for security, hunting, recreational and other lawful purposes. However, possessing a firearm in some places is illegal. These include:

• Public and private schools

• VA facilities

• Airports and airplanes

• Government buildings

• Childcare facilities

• Legislative buildings

• Post offices

• Federal facilities

• Military bases

• Hoover Dam

• Offices and building in national parks

Violating these and other laws, such as using a firearm while committing a crime or possessing a firearm while a felon, can result in serious punishment.

Reciprocity With Other States

Anyone who holds a concealed carry permit in Nevada may do so in other states due to reciprocity agreements. However, gun owners with concealed carry permits who move to Nevada from other states must go through the state’s application process. States with reciprocity are:

• Alaska

• Arizona

• Arkansas

• Florida

• Idaho

• Illinois

• Kansas

• Kentucky

• Louisiana

• Massachusetts

• Michigan

• Minnesota

• Mississippi

• Montana

• New Mexico

• North Dakota

• Ohio

• Oklahoma

• Oregon

• South Carolina

• South Dakota

• Tennessee

• Texas

• Utah

• Virginia

• West Virginia

• Wisconsin

• Wyoming

Carrying concealed firearms without a proper firearm permit is a category C felony and results in one to five years in prison and fines up to $10,000. Out-of-state residents must obtain a concealed firearm permit within 60 days of moving to Nevada.

Advantages of Concealed in Nevada

The significant advantage lies in that it may be possible to carry your firearm in places where you would be shunned or asked to leave. The most decided advantage is carrying a concealed legal firearm that applies to modern sensibilities. You can prevent debates with gun opposition proponents or objections to having the weapon on private property when an owner might prohibit it. Carrying a concealed weapon is a matter of taste and environment. Some may want to protect themselves from alienating friends. Others may feel uncomfortable carrying openly.

Defending Your Rights as a Gun Owner in Nevada

You have a right to own a gun and a CCW permit in Nevada. If you have been accused of using your weapon illegally in a prohibited situation, the lawyers at Garret T. Ogata can help. Contact us today at (702) 602-6408 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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