Legal Trouble In America for Japanese Citizens

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Legal Trouble In America

When a Japanese citizen find his or herself in legal trouble, be it a criminal matter or a civil matter, that individual should contact the Japanese Consulate to help with finding an attorney to help them.  The Consulate is there to help its citizens and every Japanese citizen should carry the Japanese Consulate’s telephone number in their wallet or purse in case an emergency arises.  The Japanese Consulate’s number to call in case of legal need is 415-777-3533.

If one is questioned or taken into custody by law enforcement one should request an attorney immediately and a translator.  Then one should request to make phone call to the Japanese Consulate to inform them of the situation and provide his or her contact information.  Do not talk to law enforcement if you have been detained, arrested or are being questioned.  You have a right to an attorney and a right to remain silent in America, take advantage of these rights.  It will not hurt you to invoke these rights.  Only give your identification, such as your name, address and country of citizenship.

You should also request to be released on your own recognizance or request to post bail if arrested and jailed.  If you get in contact with an attorney through the embassy, the attorney should be able to help you with this.

If you are arrested, do not discuss your case or situation with anyone in jail.  Only discuss the facts of your case with your attorney.  One should also take caution of anyone trying to be friendly in jail because they may be trying to take advantage of you in some way.

Remember the Japanese Consulate and your attorney is there to help you.  You should keep the consulate’s information on you in case of emergencies.

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