Is it Different for Women?

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

Although a woman may think she can drink as much as a man with no problem, there are reasons why this is not exactly true. Men and women are not composed the same; so although there may be some women that can hold their own in a friendly drinking game, they will likely have a higher alcohol content when tested. Drinking and driving have very different outcomes for men and women.

Facts Women Should Know About Drinking and Driving

There are physiological reasons why drinking and driving offers different outcomes for men and women.

  • Alcohol Dilution – Men have more body water and therefore dilute alcohol more quickly.
  • Metabolize – Men have more dehydrogenase which is an enzyme produced in the liver that breaks down alcohol.
  • Hormones – Women get intoxicated quicker during the few days prior to menstruation. Also, birth control pills slow down alcohol elimination rate.

Chemical and field sobriety testing were not developed for women. Breathalyzers were created based on the lung capacity of the average man and most police officers are not properly trained to accurately assess a woman’s intoxication level.

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