Effective Defenses for a DUI Case

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

The most effective defense in a DUI case is obviously not to drive drunk. However, if you are pulled over and arrested for a DUI in Law Vegas, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows how to navigate the often complex system. Some of the best defenses include:

  • Being pulled over for no identifiable reason
  • Being denied the chance to submit a breath or blood test
  • Being denied access to an independent test
  • Being denied the right to a speedy trial

You’re not automatically guilty just because you failed a sobriety test in the field and are arrested for a DUI. From the time you are pulled over, until you arrive at the station and take another sobriety test, there are rules and regulations that must be followed by the officers. If these regulations are not followed through with, your attorney can build a reasonable defense.

Though you can be pulled over even if you don’t appear to be impaired, a police officer can’t pull you over for no reason at all. If you have a light out and the officer suspects you might be impaired, they can pull you over for the light, even if they wouldn’t normally pull you over for such a thing. If your arresting officer doesn’t have a valid reason for pull you over, your attorney can make a good defense. You also have the right to ask for an independent breath or blood test, and if you’re denied this right, then your lawyer has another excellent defense.

Don’t believe that you’re done for just because you fail the preliminary field test. There are lots of ways for your attorney to build a defense if you just keep calm, be polite, know your facts, and contact a high-quality Las Vegas DUI lawyer.

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