Clever Nevada Laws Take Aim At Driving Under The Influence

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

According to Nevada’s Per Se Law, police officers can pull vehicles over without the driver appearing visibly impaired. A drunk driving arrest can be made on any individual whose blood alcohol level (BAL) is equal to or higher than the legal limit, .08%.

Working in conjunction with the Per Se Law is Nevada’s unique implied consent law, which applies to any driver who has been issued a Nevada state driver’s license. Accepting the license constitutes an agreement between the driver and the state in which the driver cannot legally refuse a blood or breath test if an officer requests one. In other states, refusing a test may have certain repercussions, but in Nevada there is no choice in the matter: accepting the license is accepting a BAL test.

Las Vegas DUI Attorneys Can Help

The Per Se Law and the implied consent law are designed to keep all drivers safe, but a DUI attorney should be contacted if a driving under the influence charge is erroneously or unjustly brought against a driver. While drinking responsibly is the safest way to avoid DUI charges in Nevada, there are several DUI lawyers in the Las Vegas area who will aim to have all DUI charges downgraded to lesser charges, if not waived altogether. Garrett T. Ogata and his associates are Las Vegas DUI defense lawyers and number among the very best criminal defense lawyers in Las Vegas.

A DUI charge will follow you for the rest of your life. Familiarize yourself with Nevada driving laws and drive safely.

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