What to Expect When Facing Domestic Violence Charges

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

A domestic violence charge can arise from a wide variety of situations between family members, romantic partners or shared parents. Some occurrences that fall under domestic violence are physical violence, harassment and verbal abuse. Anyone charged with domestic violence will need to have adequate representation by a Las Vegas criminal lawyer. A criminal charge of this magnitude can result in consequences such as jail time, restraining orders and monetary fines. Depending on the circumstances, the courts can classify a domestic violence charge as a misdemeanor or a felony crime.

The first thing an individual should do upon notification of a domestic violence charge is contact a dependable criminal attorney in Las Vegas. An attorney will be able to evaluate the case and attempt to come up with a solid defense for the accused party.

Obtaining representation from an aggressive Las Vegas criminal lawyer is crucial. Anyone charged with a crime is innocent until the prosecuting attorney can prove otherwise. It is important for the defendant to take proactive steps and schedule a free consultation with a criminal attorney in Las Vegas as quickly as possible. The sooner the individual contacts an attorney, the sooner that person can state his or her case to someone who understands. During an initial consultation, the attorney will inquire about events that occurred before the alleged charge of domestic violence. If the attorney notices an event that does not match with the charges, he or she will offer professional services to the client.

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