What a Waste of Lives!

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

Will people learn from this DUI multiple death case? Being there at the sentencing opened up my eyes to reality of a deadly growing trend that I’ve noticed over the years. Not only was the 26 year old, Ray Diokno, found guilty of DUI, but he was racing his 330i BMW with another car through an intersection while running a red light. The other racing car made it through, however, Diokno struck an SUV killing a grandmother and great-grandmother. The growing deadly trend is not the driving under the influence. That is stating the obvious. DUI has and always will be an issue as long as there are vehicles and alcohol in Las Vegas. The second deadly irresponsible act was street racing on a crowded street. That is also stating the obvious. What I’m talking about is the drivers and motorcycle riders that run red lights. Have you seen groups of motorcycle riders doing wheelies up and down Sahara (and other busy streets) entirely disregarding any other drivers around them? I’ve watched them race around and between cars, also known as “splitting the lanes” at very high speeds, run stop signs and red lights at intersections. Stupidity at its best! Nothing like flirting with death! More and more everyday I see people go through red lights. Of course, their argument in traffic court is that the light was still yellow. The big question: Is making that yellow light and speeding through the intersection before it turns red really going to save you any time on your ride home? No, it does not save you time. More importantly, running that red (“yellow”) may cost you your life or lives of others. Now, when the light in my direction turns green, I still wait a couple seconds, look both ways, then will go after those others pass. Be aware of your surrounding and drive defensively.

Driving through a red light may result in criminal negligent reckless driving resulting in death or substantial bodily harm which could still be a 1-6 year prison term!

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