The Most Effective Defenses in a Drunk Driving Arrest Case

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

The Most Effective Defenses in a Drunk Driving Arrest Case

What do a young woman, a teenage boy, and an older man have in common? When it comes to getting arrested for a DUI, the answer is, they all share the need for an effective defense to help reduce potential penalties or to get an acquittal. As any respectable Las Vegas DUI lawyer can tell you, there are only a handful of effective defenses that stand the best chance of getting you a good outcome in a DUI case. Once you’ve contacted a DUI attorney in Las Vegas to help defend you, it’s your job to explain what happened and give as much detail as possible about the circumstances surrounding your arrest.

Once the Las Vegas DUI attorney understands the facts of your case, he or she will build a case on your behalf. Since the law in Nevada is quite rigid about the legal limit of blood alcohol content, here are a few of the most effective defenses. One type of defense aims to prove that the sobriety tests were flawed in some way, such as a poorly administered breathalyzer. Another effective defense centers around the arresting officer failing to comply with proper procedure, such as pulling you over without any legally justifiable reason for doing so. In these instances, it will be much harder for the state to prove that you’re at fault, which can lead to plea bargains, reduced penalties, or the case being completely thrown out. Different defenses work better in different situations, but most importantly, any of them can be effective after a drunk driving arrest.

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