Some Common DUI Defenses That Work

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

Your Las Vegas DUI attorney should be working out a defense for why your drunk driving arrest was invalid in some regard. There are two types of defense under this umbrella, the first being DUI errors, and the second being criminal law errors. Under the first type, defenses are built around mistakes made by the police officer when the arrest was made. These include being pulled over for no legally justifiable reason, the denial of an attempt to submit a blood or breath test, the failure to give access to an independent test after you’ve asked, and the scenario where your blood alcohol content, or BAC, was higher during the breathalyzer test than when you were driving.

The second type of defense for DUI charges is based on the possibility that the defendant was somehow cheated of their due process. These defenses are built around scenarios such as the officer failing to meet state regulations, the officer questioning you improperly and in violation of your Miranda rights, the improper conducting of procedures at police checkpoints, and the violation of your right to a prompt and speedy trial. These are all valid defenses, and have been proven, time and again, by experienced DUI attorneys in Las Vegas to work for those arrested for a DUI.

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