Get the Help You Need to Prevent Prosecution of Drinking and Driving

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

If you have been arrested for DUI in Las Vegas, Nevada, there are two things to keep in mind: One is that you need to act quickly and get a Las Vegas DUI attorney who has the experience to navigate through the legal system effectively. The second is that your primary concern from the time you are arrested for a DUI is to keep your driver’s license. Once the legal process goes too far without adequate representation to protect your rights, you will be at risk of not being able to drive for a long time!

The penalties for DUI in Las Vegas vary according to a number of factors. Jail sentences range from 2 days to 6 months and fines from $400 to $1,000. You may also have your license taken away for 90 days. For most people, this is more than a minor inconvenience that can limit your ability to work and spend time doing important activities. A qualified Las Vegas DUI attorney knows what can be done to prevent your case from ever going that far. Garrett T. Ogata knows Las Vegas DUI laws and will work to get your charges dropped if at all possible. The most effective way of keeping your driver’s license is by getting the charges dropped before you ever go to trial. Call Garrett T. Ogata as soon as you are arrested for a DUI and get your best defense.

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