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Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

In a perfect world, you could explain your truthful side of the story and everyone would believe you because they would accept that you are being honest. Unfortunately, this world does not exist. Even if you are being 100 percent honest, others who have lied before you have set the pattern for what most expect. For this reason, you should discuss all of your options with a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer, such as us here at GT Ogata.

Is Your Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer Recommending a Plea Bargain?

If you are facing serious charges, your Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer may be recommending that you make a plea bargain. While this may not be the outcome you are hoping for, if you are dealing with an experienced attorney, you may have to trust that they are recommending the best option for you.

Plea bargaining is basically working with the prosecution on an agreement if you plead guilty to an offense that is not as severe. For example, instead of pleading guilty to a felony that has a harsher penalty, you may be convinced to plead guilty to a misdemeanor, if your lawyer does not feel you have a good chance of walking away from the felony.

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