Best Practices for Successfully Fighting a DUI Drug Charge

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

With the prevalence of prescription drugs and over the counter drugs, today, it’s easier than ever for people to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of something. Because of the widespread usage of various drugs, it can be a challenge for law enforcement to distinguish between an innocent accident, and negligence brought on by illegal drugs, or abuse of prescription and legal drugs. That can lead to unfortunate instances where someone is arrested for a DUI, even after doing nothing different from what was prescribed or recommended on the drug bottle.

Unlike with alcohol, a drug DUI charge in Nevada usually isn’t based on a rigid legal limit for the presence of a substance in your blood. Instead, it’s about the field officer making a judgment call, and that means human error plays a greater role in the prosecution of DUI drug charges than with a drunk driving arrest charge. A competent Las Vegas DUI lawyer is a key factor in defending you and guiding you through the process of contesting a DUI drug charge. Focusing on defenses like having a valid prescription and taking only the recommended dosage can invalidate the charges against you. If these defenses don’t apply to you, there’s likely something else a qualified Las Vegas DUI attorney can do for you, but for the best chance of a positive outcome, you have to act quickly.

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