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Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

Women on the road have a greater number of variables to think about, than men, after a night of heavy drinking. The fact is, women have a lot of hormonal and physiological influences that affect them in many ways — of course, varying from woman to woman. However, there are some trends that can be stated quite confidently. One of those is that alcohol is not diluted nearly as much in women as in men. Women only have 52% body water, whereas the typical man has about 61%. This difference is huge, and it suggests the first reason why women should think harder before driving after drinking, or else run the risk of being arrested for a DUI.

Another good reason women might not want to drive after drinking is because of their menses. The hormonal shifts before, during, and after a period change how the body is affected by alcohol. Sometimes, it is enough to throw off a Breathalyzer test. And, last, the way police officers are trained to look at and test individuals before a drunk driving arrest was never designed with women in mind. The sobriety test is not for women. Blood tests are not engineered with any consideration for women. The Breathalyzer test was made for men, and men usually have much larger lungs than the average woman. All of these factors make women more likely to be arrested for a DUI, and if you are a woman, all of this means you’ll badly need a competent Las Vegas DUI attorney by your side.

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