About Your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

The Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) measures the ratio of alcohol in the blood. A BAC of 0.10 indicates one part alcohol for every 1000 part of blood. Note that 0.08 BAC or higher is the legal definition of intoxication in the state of Nevada. Remember, if you need a top-notch Las Vegas DUI defense team, call our law office.

To Calculate Your BAC

  • Select the appropriate chart, males or females
  • Select the row with approximate weight (left column)
  • Select the number of drinks consumed (top row)
  • The intersection of #2 and #3 is the BAC if the total number of drinks are consumed within ONE HOUR
  • If the drinks were consumed over more than one hour, use the Time Factor table-subtract the factor from your BAC as calculated in #4

For Males

Body weight (lbs.)1 drink2 drinks3 drinks4 drinks5 drinks6 drinks7 drinks8 drinks9 drinks10 drinks

For Females

Body weight (lbs)1 drink2 drinks3 drinks4 drinks5 drinks6 drinks7 drinks8 drinks9 drinks10 drinks

The Time Factor

Hours since first drinkSubtract this from BAC

Source: Evans, Glen & Robert O’Brien, The Encyclopedia of Alcoholism (1991).

Note: Charts should be used only as general guidelines. Certain factors, such as an individual’s reaction to alcohol, use of medication, or emotional states, are not considered.

Effects of blood alcohol level on feeling, thinking, and behavior:

0.02 – Mild sedation, insignificant body warmth

0.07 – Loss of inhibition, judgment impaired

0.08 – Legal minimum for intoxication in Nevada. Inability to perceive danger, poor muscle coordination, increased mental and physical impairment.

0.15 – Major mental and physical impairment.

0.20 – Lack of motor control

0.40 – Unconsciousness

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