Got Arrested For DUI, Now What

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

The state of Nevada takes DUI very seriously. If you have been arrested and charged with DUI in Las Vegas, your license can be suspended and your vehicle was likely impounded. The costs associated with a DUI start to add up as soon as you are arrested. There are fees for chemical tests, fines, driver’s license reinstatement fees and tuition costs for mandatory DUI school. The best time to hire a DUI Lawyer in Las Vegas is as soon as possible after your arrest.

The sooner you hire an attorney to handle your DUI in Las Vegas, the sooner they can get to work on your case. Spend some time recalling what you ate and drank in the hours preceding your arrest. This information will be invaluable to your attorney as they prepare to defend you against the DUI charge.

The amount of time you spend in jail depends on how many previous DUI convictions you have and whether you were involved in an accident while under the influence. You will need to request an administrative hearing with the DMV to get your driver’s license reinstated. If you do not live in Nevada, your DUI lawyer in Las Vegas can arrange this hearing for you. You only have seven days after a failed breathalyzer test to request the hearing.

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