The Different Types of Marijuana Possession Charges

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

An individual who has any marijuana on his person, in his car, stored in his house or even in another location that belongs to him can be charged with marijuana possession. Additionally, a prosecutor can argue that you are in possession of marijuana if it is found in your blood in a drug test.

If you’re found to be possessing less than one ounce of the drug in Las Vegas and it is your first offense, you will be charged with a misdemeanor. You may have to pay fines of up to $600. You may alternatively be assigned to attend a rehabilitative drug treatment program. You may face fines of up to $1,000 if it is your second offense, or you may also be assigned to a drug treatment center. Third offenses of marijuana possession are charged as gross misdemeanors, and you may face up to $2,000 in fines and jail time of up to one year. If you face your fourth or greater offense, you will be charged with a category E felony, and you may face up to four years in state prison and fines of up to $5,000.

If you are found to be in possession of more than one ounce of marijuana and it is your first offense, a judge may suspend your sentence and dismiss your felony charge if you remain clean. The judge may also convict you with a category E felony and sentence you to up to four years in state prison with a maximum fine of $5,000. You may face the same charges if it is your second drug charge. If it is your third or greater drug charge, you may be charged with a category D felony. You may face up to four years in state prison and fines of up to $20,000.

If you find yourself facing any of these charges, it is essential that you contact a Las Vegas criminal lawyer . A Las Vegas criminal lawyer can help you navigate the judicial system to ensure the best possible outcome. It is important to hire a criminal attorney Las Vegas residents trust. By hiring a criminal attorney that Las Vegas locals trust, you know that you will receive a first-rate defense for your case.

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