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Medical Treatment After An Accident

After your accident, medical treatment may begin immediately.

It is important to seek medical attention if you have been injured and do not settle with a claims adjuster immediately after. You may not notice injuries immediately, or what seemed like a simple injury, may develop into something more serious. Consult with an attorney immediately.

One of the biggest concerns with treatment is the cost of treatment. Your attorney should be able to negotiate your medical bills and liens for treatment and in most cases have them reduced.

The most important aspect of your case is that you start and complete all of your medical treatment as instructed by your doctors.

Treatment may last years, but your attorney will be limited by the statute of limitations. In Nevada, one must file a civil complaint for negligence within 2 years of the accident. Your attorney will try to settle your case before the 2 year period or will file the complaint against the negligent party to protect your ability to seek compensation.

Treatment varies with the injuries. One may have to undergo surgery, rehabilitation and/or medications. As stated above, you must complete all of your medical treatments.

Whatever your treatment is, make sure to keep records to aid your attorney in assessing your damages. You should also keep track of lost wages or diminished employment opportunities to provide to your attorney. In order to do this, keep a note pad/log of all doctor visits, medicines, operations including a day-to-day photo log of injuries as they heal.

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