Make Contacting a Las Vegas DUI Lawyer the First Thing You Do

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

There are so many things to understand and do correctly when pulled over for a DUI in order to reduce the chances of a conviction. Two main things to know are that people given breathalyzer tests need to contact the DMV within a week to request a hearing, and people who instead received a blood test will have to wait a month for their results before a hearing is scheduled for them. It is also important at this time to consult any legal representatives that you wish to use during this time, as they will need to be onboard as soon as possible for the best chance of acquittal. Not everyone will know or remember what to do during this time, which is why contacting a Las Vegas DUI lawyer is the best first step to make.

What to expect from your new Las Vegas DUI lawyer

The most important thing is the free consultation, as this will determine whether the case has a chance and will also give the individual a chance to decide if the lawyer is right for them. Any decent Las Vegas DUI lawyer will offer this service and will take time to listen to all the facts rather than hurry the free consultation and miss vital points. Once hired, a person can expect their lawyer to provide the best chance of reducing the case from a DUI to a traffic violation.

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