Garrett Ogata Warns Concert Goers of Increased Health Risk, along with Increased Law Enforcement for EDC

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

Along with upscale casinos, the world’s finest shopping, and luxury dining restaurants, Las Vegas is home to two huge festivals/concerts known as EDC and Burning Man. With a focus on radical inclusion, self-expression, and decommodification, these events attract a free-spirited and musical crowd. While concert-goers should definitely have the time of their lives, they should also make safety a priority. Because dehydration is often compounded by drug abuse, attendees are also protected by an increase in the presence of law enforcement at these events.

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To survive EDC and Burning Man, it’s extremely important that you stay hydrated. Since the events will most likely involve walking, biking, and dancing in hot conditions, experts recommend that attendees drink at least one gallon of water per a day. A great way to ensure that you drink an appropriate amount of water is to attend the festival with a convenient hydration backpack. Water bottles are easy to lose, but a hydration pack will always be on your back. While you may know the importance of staying hydrated, there’s still a chance that you may forget to drink water because of all of the fun you are having. If you experience any signs of hydration such as dizziness, decreased urination, increased heart rate, and weakness, make sure that you go immediately to the medical units to get IV fluids or consume a drink high in salt and sugar like coconut water. The ultimate goal is to hydrate quickly by keeping the fluids in your blood vessels.

At EDC and Burning Man, drugs are a part of the musical culture. These drugs are often used to intensify the experience, prolong the partying, or simply experiment. The most common illegal substances used at these events include Ecstasy, Cocaine, Marijuana, Opioids, LSD, and Adderall. While these drugs may provide concert-goers with a surge of euphoria and a much needed boost of energy, they often come with extremely harmful side effects such as serious heart problems, perceptual hallucinations, an intense crash period, paranoia, and anxiety. The dangerous effects that certain drugs have on users may cause them to be inadvertently placed in harmful situations. Not to mention that the unusual behavior of users may be a cause of concern for law enforcement, and the targeted attendees could be suspected of possession, distribution, or trafficking.

The safety of concert-goers is made possible by an increase of law enforcement officials, some of which may be undercover. In some cases, the screening at these festivals may resemble those at airports. As such, attendees can expect to be patted down by security guards to prevent dangerous items like drugs and guns from entering the scene. If you run into any type of trouble with law enforcement while at these events, call the law firm Garrett T. Ogata for representation immediately and visit our website at https://www.gtogata.com/. We, of course, encourage attendees to have fun without using illegal substances or driving under the influence. However, if you do happen to get into trouble with law enforcement call us to protect your rights.

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