Domestic Violence and Immigration Consequences

Written by: The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata

A crime of “moral turpitude” can be a deportable offense and can prevent someone from reentering the United States, becoming a citizen, getting a green card or adjusting their status.  A crime of “moral turpitude” is conduct that shocks the public conscience. One of the most common types of crimes of moral turpitude, even though it may be a misdemeanor offense in Nevada, is domestic violence. 

A domestic violence charge can cause serious immigration problems.  To be charged with a domestic violence charge one will have to commit willful and unlawful force or violence upon the person of another who happens to be in a relationship with the attacker.  For example, this could be a family member, former spouse and even a roommate, to name just a few relationships that constitute a domestic violence offense.

If you are charged with a Domestic Violence offense, or any offense for that matter, make sure you inform your attorney of your immigration status and discuss what effects this may have on you.  Do not simply take a plea deal unless you know all the consequences.  Ideally you will want a dismissal or a lesser charge that does not involve a spouse or a family member.

Domestic violence is not the only type of crime that constitutes a crime of “moral turpitude,” but tends to be very common.  Before you take a plea deal or plea to any charges, even if there is no jail or prison time, consult with an attorney to see what the immigration consequences would be.

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